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Conference fees

Early Registration Fee:
300 €
Registration Fee:
360 €
Student Registration Fee:
180 €

You can pay only by a bank transfer. There are two Registration forms, one is used only by foreign users, other only by Slovenian citizens. Please download correct Registration form. Necesary steps are:

Our fax number is +386 2 2207272.

The Conference fees for IWSSIP and EC-SIPMCS will be 300 € before early registration deadline and 360 € after early registration deadline.

The Conference fee for full-time students at academic institutions will be 180€. To qualify for the discounted fee, students must provide, via fax or postal mail, a signed letter on letterhead of their university or institution verifying they are full-time students and a copy of their valid student ID card. Full time students that register at the Conference must have both forms of verification with them when they arrive at the registration desk.

Each registration fee entitles the publication and presentation of one paper of up to 4 pages. The registered author may include one additional paper (of up to 4 pages and authored by him/her) at an extra charge equivalent to 50% of the registration fee. The additional paper must be presented by the registered author.

If two or more authors of the same paper attend the Conference, each of them must pay his/her respective registration fee in full.

This fee will include exclusively:

Any other expenses must be afforded/provided by the participants.

The registration fee does not include any post-conference services. There will be additional shipping and handling costs to be paid for those registered authors who, for unforeseen reasons, could not go to IWSSIP and EC-SIPMCS