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  • How should my paper be formatted?

    Please read the instructions to authors.
  • What guidelines should I follow?

    Please read the instructions to authors.
  • Can I pay the conference fees using credit card?

    Unfortunately credit card payment is not supported by the Bank of the conference.
  • The length of my paper is longer than 4 pages. What I have to do?

    In case it is longer, there are two options. Either you try to shorten it to 4 pages without loosing essential information, or you can pay the extra fee (each additional page costs 40 EUR)
  • In the early registration form, the user of bank transfer payment is "TEI ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ IWSSIP 2009 34400 PSAHNA, GREECE", but in the Bank system of our country we can not input Greece letters, so I can't go on transfer payment.

    It is not necessary to mention the name of the user. The necessary information is the International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GR26 0110 4880 0000 4885 4518 841 and SWIFT Code: ETHNGRAA
    If it is still necessary to mention the name of the user, please try:
    TEI CHALKIDA or simply TEI.

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