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June 7 - 9, 2001 - Bucharest, Romania

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Workshop Topics

Signal Processing:
Signal reconstruction;
Filter bank theory;
Robust and low complexity filter design;
Order statistic type filters;
Spectrum estimation and modeling, sensor array processing;
Adaptive filtering;
Morphological signal/image processing and analysis;
Robust signal processing;
Higher Order Statistics, Lower Order Statistics, alpha-stable processes;
Stable process modeling, including Internet traffic applications;
Nonlinear methods in communications;
Nonlinear methods in array and multichannel signal processing;
Halftoning and digital printing;
Nonlinear time-frequency methods.

Multimedia Signal Processing:
Multimedia Processing,
Multimedia Databases,
Multimedia System Design and Implementation,
Multimodal Human-Machine Interface and Perception.

Image Processing:
New Imaging Modalities: Three-dimensional imaging, imaging polarimeters, imaging spectrometers, interferometric imaging, coherence imaging, hyperspectral imaging

Architectures and Imager Design: Adaptive systems, conformal systems, design of combined optical-digital imaging systems, wavefront coding, designing systems invariant or insensitive to various aberrations in order to increase performance or reduce weight, size, and cost, post-detection parallel processing.

Technologies: diffractive optics, GRIN optics, dynamic optical elements, optical MEMS, spatial light modulators, liquid crystals, acousto-optics and electro-optic devices, multispectral and hyperspectral detectors, high speed detectors, high dynamic range detectors, VCSELs, field programmable gate arrays.

Information Theory Applied to Imaging: Deterministic and stochastic properties of scenes, multi-dimensional coding (spatial, spectral, temporal), multi-dimensional channel characterization, novel coding and signal processing algorithms, fundamental limits of optical-digital (adaptive and non-adaptive) imaging, applications of advanced communication theoretic methods to hybrid imaging modalities, performance limits of single lens optical-digital imaging systems, invariance properties applied to adaptive optics.

Speech processing:
 modeling, compression, and recognition

Neural networks for signal processing

Theory and algorithms;
Evolving models for signal processing;
Adaptive techniques for intelligent multimedia processing;
Pattern recognition

Applications, New Products, and Manufacturing:
Robotic vision, satellite imaging, environmental imaging, fire-and-rescue, games, methods of reducing cost in imaging systems. Special purpose electronic and optoelectronic hardware for efficient implementation of signal and image processing algorithms. Bio systems processing applications

Image, video, audio, and multimedia applications. Communications, Multimedia Networking, Standards and Related Issues, Television, CATV, Telepresence, Virtual reality.

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