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June 7 - 9, 2001 - Bucharest, Romania

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Social Events

  • June 8: Conference Dinner organized in Bucharest in a restaurant with Romanian specific cuisine.
  • June 9: Trip in the Carpathian (Bucegi) mountains on the upper course of Ialomita river with the visit of the the famous "Pestera" cave.
  • June 9: Celebration of the anniversary our "Politehnica" University Bucharest. All attendants of IWSSIP 2001 are invited.

The upper course of Ialomita river was praised by many Romanian writers, including Cezar Bolliac,
Al. Vlahuta, Grigore Alexandrescu, Ion Heliade Radulescu and others. The definite atraction of this
area comes from the genuine mixture of history, unspoilt nature charm, and up-to-day turistic modernisation. The places are famous for their hard character inhabitants stable in their faith during difficult times.

The access will be by bus, following one of the two roads that start from the DN71 national road:

  • either from Moroieni village, by the Sanatorium with the same name,
  • or on the way at 1000 m altitude on the "Paduchiosul", on the left through "Dichiu" getting down till "Zanoaga".

Here the two roads meet and pass by the magnificent Bolboci chalet, Bolboci lake, Tatarului gorges, Padina chalet and the Monastic complex Pestera.

The old Ialomita, the axis of the settlment in this area, has its spring in the Bucegi mountains at the foot of the "Omu" (Man) peak, being the cradle of life and beauty of this land, from the Dacians times and of those before them.


Nearby the springs, at the entrance in the Ialomita cave, the faithful and the monks from the neighbouring villages (Pietrosita, Moroeni, Bran, Moieciu s.a.) have built Orthodox monastic dwellings several times. The wooden churches and cells have burned down four times during the four centuries of existence. The last fire destroyed the settlement in 1961. Starting August 1993 the complex was completely rebuilt, being now an astonishing place, charming our hearts and souls.



Orzei Gorges Tatarului Gorges Waterfall in the Cave The Altar from the Cave


June 9: Conference Dinner organised in the "Pestera" restaurant.

The additional price for this trip is of only 30 USD, including accomodation and dinner fee.

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