Shopping, Wining & Dining



Shopping streets and pedestrian zones offer luxury goods and good values – at jeweler’s shops as well as antique stores, art stores, and fashion designer boutiques. Between flagship stores and shopping palaces, you can discover many things.


The Viennese coffeehouse goes back a long, long way. And yet despite its age - or perhaps because of it - the coffeehouse is more alive and diverse than ever before. (selected by Viennese café owners)


Besides being an own winegrowing region, Vienna today is a city with a lively, dynamic wine scene.


A true bon vivant will know that Viennese Cuisine is the only cuisine in the world to be named after a city. Viennese chefs draw on influences from various countries to conjure up exciting dishes that never fail to capture the imagination.


Newly designed restaurants offer more than just good food. You could also move on to one of the many cocktail bars. And should you get hungry again, you could have a late snack at a Würstelstand, Vienna's equivalent of the hot-dog stand.

Markets & eateries

At the markets and in the surrounding neighborhoods, everyday life has its habitual Viennese rhythm: colorful and creative as well as leisurely. The stalls, eateries and bars are a natural shopping paradise, meeting place and sightseeing destination.



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