The conferece will take place in Hotel Nivy.When arranging reservation in hotel Nivy, do not forget to mention in note that you will participate at the IWSSIP 2008 conference.

Hotel nivy

EUR 48 per double room

Following is the list of hotels in Bratislava that support the conference.

Hotel Apollo ****

20 min walking distance, EUR 109.00

Hotel ECHO***

1 min walking distance, EUR 41.44

Hotel JUNIOR***

5 min walking distance, EUR 65.00

Hotel PREMIUM****

5 min walking distance, EUR 91.00

Hotel TURIST**

3 min walking distance, EUR 42.62

Other hotels in Bratislava

Hotels combined

Please consider that at the same time in Vienna near Bratislava there is UEFA European Football Championship EURO 2008 .

Therefore it is advisable to make hotel reservations well in advance. Hotel payments are done by participants. If there are any problems, do not hesitate to contact us.

Map of hotels

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