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1. Signal Processing - General techniques and algorithms. Adaptive DSP algorithms; Filter Bank Theory; Spectrum Estimation and Processing; Non-linear Systems; Digital Transforms; Multidimensional Signal Processing.
2. Technologies. Neural Networks; Fuzzy Systems; Expert Systems; Genetic Algorithms; Pattern Recognition; Data Fusion.
3. Multimedia Content Processing: Speech Processing and Recognition, Audio Enhancement, Restoration and Analysis, Image Representation and Modelling, Image Restoration and Enhancement; Colour Vision, 3D Vision, Image and Video Analysis; Pattern Recognition; Watermarking, New Media.
4. Multimedia Data Compression: Speech and Audio Compression, Image and Video Coding, Scalable Techniques, Standards.
5. Multimedia Systems: Human Factors, Multimodal Interfaces, Networked Multimedia, Seamless Audiovisual Networks, Multimedia Services; Multimedia Servers; Multimedia Streaming, Wireless and Mobile Multimedia, Universal Multimedia Access, Right Protection and Management.
6. Metadata and Media Abstracts, Content Description, Audiovisual Databases.
7. Implementations. Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems for Audio, Image and Video Processing; Architectures and VLSI Hardware; Programmable Signal Processors; Real-time Software.
8. Applications: Bioinformatics; Broadcasting; Control; Communications; Digital Production; Medical; Opto-mechatronics; Remote Sensing; Robotics; Speech; Television; Telepresence; e-learning; Virtual Reality.


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