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  • Financing of T.E.I. of Chalkida Students

    (In Greek)
    Το Τ.Ε.Ι. Χαλκίδας προσφέρει χαμηλό κόστος συμμετοχής στο διεθνές συνέδριο IWSSIP'05 σε όλους τους φοιτητές ΑΕΙ και ΤΕΙ της Ελλάδας. Για την εγγραφή σας επισκεφθείτε τη σελίδα με τις φόρμες εγγραφών.
    (In English)
    T.E.I. of Chalkida offers reduced fees to all Greek University and TEI students.For your registration, please download the registration form.

  • Can I pay the conference fees using credit card?

    Unfortunately credit card payment is not supported by the Bank of the conference.
  • The length of my paper is longer than 4 pages. What I have to do?

    Concerning the length of your paper, if it is up to 5 pages, it's ok. In case it is longer there are two options. Either you try to shorten it to 5 pages without loosing essential information or each additional page costs 30 EUR
  • Have you selected papers that will be published in journal?

    We will decide after receiving camera-ready papers and registrations since possible journal publication could be offered only for papers included in the IWSSIP proceedings and presented in the conference. Please note that such a selection process will be conducted at late August among the best IWSSIP 2005 proceedings papers! However, our intention is to contact as many authors as possible with high quality papers at this later stage and we are trying to organize special issues in more than one (the already announced) journals!
  • The copyright form included in the acceptance email refers to a journal, not the conference (IWSSIP'05). Is there a copyright form that refers only to the conference?

    There in no special copyright for the conference, so you will fill in "Proceedings of IWSSIP'05".
  • Your message refers at one place to fifth page being free of charge, while the other place quotes the price of 30 Euros for it. Please let me know if I can have the fifth page free of additional charges.

    ... Or :
  • What about the page limitation? The reference format will require a LOT more space.

    Since the 4 pages limit is difficult to be kept in the new camera ready format, the organizing committee decided to increase it to 5 pages (free of charge).
  • Your message gives July 6 as the registration deadline, but your web site quotes 300 Euros until July 4, and 400 Euros after July 4. Please confirm that the 300 Euros registration fee is also available until July 6.

    There is an extension in registration deadline (also announced in site) for 6.07.05.
  • We had already uploaded a camera ready version of our paper on your website after which we received a mail intimating us Our Paper's Acceptance. What we have to do?

    You have to upload it again, following strictly the new camera ready paper format.
  • The deadline for submission of camera-ready paper is 11 July 2005, but on the site, the deadline for submission of camera-ready paper is 13 July 2005. What date is correct?

    There is an extension in submission of camera-ready paper (also announced in site) for 13.07.05.
  • In the early registration form, the user of bank transfer payment is "TEI ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑΣ IWSSIP 2005 34400 PSAHNA, GREECE", but in the Bank system of our country we can not input Greece letters, so I can't go on transfer payment.

    It is not necessary to mention the name of the user. The necessary information is the International Bank Account Number: GR20 0110 4880 0000 4885 4515748
    If it is still necessary to mention the name of the user, please try:
    TEI CHALKIDA or simply TEI.
  • How should the equations/ tables be formatted, numbered?

    Please, see instructions given in site http://www.teihal.gr/iwssip05/release20050701.htm
  • Do I have to submit only the .pdf or both .pdf and source files?

    All authors should submit their .pdf files and their source files (LaTEX/MS-Word). We will send both of them to the publisher.
  • What I have to write in "reference to this paper" field?

    All authors should not write anything to the "reference to this paper" field during preparation of the camera ready paper. This field will be filled in by the publisher


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