Each presentation is allocated a timeslot of 20 minutes which MUST NOT be exceeded. Please prepare your talk to last about 15-17 minutes so that a few minutes are left for questions and discussion. Please prepare your talk with appropriate timing and do not prepare too much slides. It is recommended to use no more than 10-15 slides that should attract the attention of the audience and emphasize the key points of your presentation. They should be easy to understand and legible even from a larger distance. Avoid too much text and small fonts. Use colors, figures and diagrams wherever possible.

Lecture hall equipment:
  • Video projector connected to the computer.
  • Computer with USB 1.0 or 2.0 slot and CD-ROM drive (no floppy disk).
  • Computer software: Windows XP, Power Point 2003 (Engl. version), Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0.
  • Overhead projector.
It is recommended to bring your presentation on flash USB memory or a CD-ROM, and upload it to the lecture room computer. Please bring your storage media for your presentation to the session for safety.
Alternatively, you may use your own laptop (also please check in advance its compatibility with the projector).

In the case of presentation from a computer, before leaving from your office, please check that it can be displayed properly using software stated above.

In Poznań, the authors are kindly asked to contact the technical staff in the room of their presentation as soon as possible in order to upload the presentation and check its correctness.


Available surface for posters will be 95 cm width x 140 cm height or equivalently 37.4 inch width x 55.1 inch height.

Posters should stimulate discussion and not provide a long text presentation of your work.

Posters should be easily readable at a distance of 1.20 meters or equivalently 4 feet.

Please focus on graphics, figures and tables and try to keep your text as short and precise as necessary for understanding your poster. Please try to place figures / table / photos close together with the accompanying text.

The authors are supposed to post their posters well before the beginning of the respective poster session. At least one author is to be present by his poster for the whole time of the session.